"Miracle Accounting Software"

Suitable for Accountant, Traders, Dealers, Distributors, Manufacturers

Miracle is general purpose accounting software with features as par current industry standards. Main strength of Miracle is easy to use, scalability and flexibility. Miracle is available in different variants like Premium Copy, Standard Copy, Super Account Copy, Account Copy & Billing Copy.


-  Account Ledger
-  Confirmation Statement
-  Simple / Compound Interest Calculation
-  Cash / Bank / Day Book
-  Journal Book
-  Havala Option
-  Quick Entry (All Vouchers)
-  Memorandum Voucher & PDC
-  Bank Reconciliation
-  Interest Calculation for OD/CC A/c
-  Audit Feature
-  Depreciation Chart
-  Job work A/c. & Billing

Ideal Accounting software must fulfill following requirements:

  • Easy to Use.
  • Flexible according to user's requirement.
  • Scalable from Accountant to Large Industries.
  • After sales service.
  • Timely upgrades according to States and Central Government rules and regulations.
  • Contemporary Advanced Technology.

Excellent after sales service, customizable entry and reports as well as timely upgrades are main reasons for popularity of Miracle accounting software.

Miracle has been developed using latest tools and technologies which provides unique advanced features like FTR, QAO, E-Mail, SMS etc.

It is suitable for Accountants, Traders, Dealers, Distributors and Manufacturers.

is an easy

R. K. Softwares was started in 1998 by three young entrepreneurs. Today we are amongst top 10 accounting software providers in India.

Initially company started development of customized software and gradually shifted to different kinds of Packaged Accounting Software. General purpose accounting software developed by company are very popular in market and brand leader in their respective areas with more than 20,000 users.

Company's motto in development of software packages is 'Keep It Easy & Advance'. Users feels comfortable while using our products and does not require any special skill to use it.

Our main product is 'Miracle'. Miracle is general purpose accounting software which is scalable from accountant to small shop owner to big industries. My Investor, Miracle-G, Miracle-Excise,Miracle-DE, Miracle-T and Miracle-Petro are other products developed by company.

R. K. Softwares is based at Rajkot (Gujarat) and has branch offices at Ahemdabad, Vadodara, Mehsana in Gujarat and Nagpur in Maharashtra. Company has dealer network in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, Rajashthan, Asam and Tamilnadu and is expanding to other states of India in near future. Company has dealer network in Oman and is expanding to other Arab Countries.



-  Account Ledger

-  Confirmation Statement

-  Simple / Compound Interest Calculation

-  Cash / Bank / Day Book

-  Journal Book

-  Havala Option

-  Quick Entry (All Vouchers)

-  Memorandum Voucher & PDC

-  Bank Reconciliation

-  Interest Calculation for OD/CC A/c

-  Audit Feature

-  Depreciation Chart

-  Job work A/c. & Billing

Miracle  7.2

Release : 3.0 Build No. : 291
Date : 08/10/2015 Size : 27.96 MB

Miracle Excise 7.2

Release : 3.0 Build No. : 291
Date : 08/10/2015 Size : 27.34 MB

My Investor 7.2

Release : 2.0 Build No. : 341
Date : 13/08/2015 Size : 13.68 MB
Old versions of Miracle

Miracle  7.2

Release : 2.0 Build No. : 343
Date : 22/07/2015 Size : 23.75 MB

Miracle Excise 7.2

Release : 2.0 Build No. : 343
Date : 22/07/2015 Size : 23.14 MB

Miracle 6.3

Release : 3.2 Build No. : 302
Date : 01/05/2015 Size : 19.05 MB

Miracle Report (Android)


Miracle SMS (Android)



Rameshbhai Bhadani


I was using software for computerized accounting but time it was taking to enter accounts into computer was same as manual accounting. My customers were demanding that I do accounting work on their premises but it was not possible. Then I heard about Miracle Accounting Software.

Once I started using Miracle, time spent on entry was reduced by 50 % using features like quick entry, zooming and three year comparison of financial data. With export-import facility of Miracle, now I have installed Miracle on each customer site and do finalization of accounts at my office.

"It now takes minutes for me to complete tasks that used to take hours."

Dharti Honda

Honda Two Wheeler Dealer

When we started Honda dealership, company provided software but we were frustrated regarding our accounting needs and legal reporting for local authority.By using Miracle Accounting Software, we were able to combine our vehicle billing, accessory billing, receipts, banking and all other accounting and back office tasks in one software. Time and energy saved by Miracle has justified the cost of purchasing another software.

Vasant Brass Works

Brass Parts Manufacturer

We have our in-house software development staff but in-depth accounting and upgrades with respect to government regulation changes were lacking. With excellent in-depth accounting features of Miracle and timely upgrades we are now solely dependant on Miracle for our accounting needs. Features like production, customized billing etc. are useful for stock maintenance and user wise security helps us to maintain privacy of sensitive data.


  • R. K. Softwares
    R K House,
    16, Vijay Plot,
    Gondal Road,
    Rajkot - 360 002. Gujarat.

  • Phone :
    +91 (0281) 2468010, 2464727

  • Sales E-mail :

    Support E-mail : support@rksoftwares.com

  • Ahmedabad: 94295 67459
    Baroda: 94285 04032
    Mahesana: 94260 86144
    Nagpur: 94034 77499
  • FAQ

What is the difference between copies of Miracle (Billing / Account / Standard / Premium)?
What is minimum hardware requirement to run Miracle ?
We recommend minimum hardware configuration as under:
Processor Dual Core 2nd Gen. 1.7 GHz or Higher
RAM 1 GB (2 GB or higher recommended)
HDD 150 MB free Hard Disk space
Other DVD / CD Drive, USB Port
Which Operating systems are supported ?
Following operating systems are supported currently:
Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1 (32 bit / 64 bit), Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 R2
How to install miracle ?
Miracle can be installed from CD drive / other media or it can be downloaded directly from internet.
To install miracle from CD, Insert Miracle CD into CD Drive.
Miracle 6.3 setup will be automatically started. If setup does not start automatically, go to My Computer -> CD Drive and double click on MSETUP.EXE.
When setup starts, welcome screen will appear, press Next to start installation. Next screen with Software License terms and conditions will appear. If you agree to licensing terms and conditions, press I Agree to give agreement to and start installation.

By clicking I Agree, next installation screen will appear.
In this screen enter following details:

Copy: Here select type of installation from Account / Standard / Premium / Audit. For detailed description of differences between different copies, see relevant topic in this FAQ.
Type: Here select version (Single User or Multi User).
Client/Server: In case of Multi User version, select between Server/Client. If you are installing miracle on Server computer than select Server and in case of Client node, select Client.
Server Name : In case of Multi User - Server installation, Name of Server computer will be displayed here and in case of Client node installation, select Server computer from the list of available computers in the network.
Create Shortcut Only : In case of Client Node installation, if miracle is already installed in computer and you want to create new shortcut for network drive, than select this option.

Press Next for next screen.
In the screen that appears, give following details:
Folder: Here enter/ select Miracle Installation Folder into which Miracle should be installed.
Shortcut Name: Here enter description for the shortcut which will be displayed on your desktop.

Press Finish to start Miracle installation.
Once software is installed, Miracle Shortcut icon will be displayed on Desktop. Miracle can be started by double clicking on Miracle Shortcut Icon.
How to Re-Install miracle ?
(1) To reinstall Miracle, refer to question regarding installation of Miracle.
(2) At the time of Miracle installation, if it is already installed in selected folder than warning massage will be displayed. If selected Yes than software's essential system and report files will be overwritten but data entered by user will not be affected.
How to install Miracle in windows vista / windows 7 ?
To install Miracle in Windows Vista or Windows 7, right click on msetup.exe and select Run as Administrator. Preferably don't install Miracle on same drive with Windows.
How to install Miracle on external devices (Pen-Drive, USB HDD) ?
It is possible to install Miracle in external device. Select appropriate drive letter in Miracle installation screen. However full functionality of Miracle will be available only on the system for which it is registered. On other systems it will work in demo mode.
Is it possible to install Miracle in one drive (HDD) and keep data on other drives (Pen Drive , USB HDD) ?
It is possible to install Miracle in one drive and keep multiple data folders in HDD and / or external devices (Pen Drive / USB HDD). To do this enter appropriate data path in Miracle's company selection screen.
What happens to Miracle and my data, if I format my Hard Disk ?
It is strongly recommended for users to take back-up on Pen/CD drive regularly so that in the unlikely event of System/HDD crash, important data can be restored from back-up. To format hard disk, copy Miracle folder into another drive or CD / Pen drive. After formatting HDD, just copy Miracle folder back and run Msetup.exe to reinstall software. Software lock will not be affected. If HDD or system is damaged and Miracle folder cannot be copied than after formatting HDD, install Miracle by running msetup.exe and than restore all company data from back-up.
What happens to Miracle license (lock) if I format my Hard Disk ?
After re installing software, If Hard disk or system is not changed, software will work as usual and software license will not be affected. There is no need for re-registration of software.
What happens to Miracle license (lock) if I change my System / Hard disk ?
In case of HDD/System change, copy Miracle folder into new System/HDD, run msetup.exe to create shortcut and run registration process again after inserting Miracle dongle lock into new system. P.S.: There is no need to surrender or unregister in case of System/HDD change.
What are the restrictions in Miracle Demo copy ?
In Demo version of Miracle, there are following limitations:
a) Date Range and No. of Vouchers limitation.
b) After demo limit is over:
Report printing can not be done.
  • New year for any company can not be created.
  • Certain reports like Balance sheet, VAT Reports, TDS etc. will not work
  • Setup options will stop functioning.
What happens to my data if I convert from demo to original / licensed version ?
Data entered in Demo version of Miracle will not be affected. Demo installation of Miracle can be converted into original software just by purchasing software and registering it into same folder.
What is the Miracle Software Registration Process ?
It is simple process to register the Miracle software. Which require some basic information like, Customer Name, City, Customer ID, Cover No. & Key etc. Click here to download tutorial of Registration Process.
How to register add-on packages ?
To register add-on patches like Gin, Share accounting, Excise traders module etc. go to Exit->About Us and click on Register button. Click Register on respective add-ons and follow registration process. Click here to download tutorial of Registration Process.
What is the procedure for upgrading Miracle from Single user to Multi user (LAN) ?
Conversion from Single user to Multi user version is easy. Just purchase Multi user upgrade cover and register it by following registration procedure. For installation of Multi user version on LAN, refer to question regarding Installation.
Is it possible to upgrade from Miracle Account copy to Standard or Premium copy ? What happens to my data ?
For conversion from one version (i.e. Account) to another (i.e. Standard), send existing dongle and registration covers to company and obtain higher version covers and dongle. Follow the registration process after reinstalling in existing folder with appropriate version selected. Data is not affected while upgrading to higher version.
Is it possible to run Miracle (Single user) on more than one computer without LAN ?
To run Miracle on two computers without purchasing multi-user version, there are following options available. 

(1) Copy Miracle folder into other system, It will run into demo mode. You can enter        vouchers and view Ledger/Outstanding but can't print any reports. 

(2) Purchase add-on copy of Miracle. Add-on copy of Miracle is unique concept introduced       for customers who wants to work with Miracle in their home system and/or Laptop.       Miracle add-on copy supports data entry / printing with following restrictions: 

a) Voucher printing (Bill, Receipt etc…) is not supported. 
b) Creation of new financial year is not available.  
c) Change in setup options is not available.

"Let us help you to choose the best solution"

Miracle-G is fastest growing & amazingly simple to use accounting software for Ginning and Spinning Businesses. It lets you create customized invoices, track expenses and manage inventory without any accounting background. Miracle-G software includes features as an Entry option like goods, heaping and ginning entry. Party Wise Register like goods inward, ginning and PRN Register. It has cover all type of billing such as cotton bales bill, Gate bass and job work billing and Form 402(with E-return) and TDS report(Form 16-A with E-return). And also get stock and other reports like Passing Date, broker and Pro-rata wise interest Calculation Reports.
Apart from core accounting Miracle-G offers many useful features not found in other traditional Software.

Entry Options

-  Inward Entry
-  Heap Entry
-  Ginning Entry
-  Pressing Entry
-  Milling Entry
-  Jobwork Entry for Ginning, Pressing & Milling

"Effortlessly manages all your information"

Miracle-T Accounting Software for your business. Easy and customizable as per your need and requirements.
Miracle-Tea is tailor made setup for tea merchants. It provides facility like Performa Invoice, Transport claim, Account sale Patti, Special Production entry for Repakers and blanders, local / OGS / Consignment wise stock, also Provide Form 402, “C” form & “H” form report with VAT E-return. And all financial reports. Miracle-T has all the tools that you need to successfully manage one company with the power and flexibility to be the all-in-one solution for running multiple small to large size Business.

Entry Options

-  Performa Invoice (with free format printing with logo)
-  Bag wise weight entry option in Sales Invoice
-  Transport Claim Entry
-  Account Sale / Consignment Sale / Sale Patti
-  Special Production Entry For Repackers / Blenders

"Save Money, Live Better"

We are leading Software Provider Company in segment wise business solution as per areas and your requirement. You just hit a key to know all about your stock market transactions, calculate taxes, prepare accounting statements, and analyze interest rates, Investment, mutual fund, bonus and Split Register. Capital gain Reports (long-term and Short-term),F & O Reports, De-mate wise Stock, brokerage and Intraday Reports, set payment due date reminders and Special Features like ECN file import. Yes it's that easy, simple and accurate.
My Investor allows you to substantially reduce the time spent on bookkeeping. Time is money, hence now you can focus on doing what you do best - Doing business

Share Entry

-  Commodity entry
-  De-Mat Account Wise entry supported
-  De-Mat Transfer entry

"Quality never goes out of style"

Miracle-Tiles is a software solution designed specifically for the marble, granite, tile, brick and block companies and distributors. Miracle-Tiles is provide you special features like entry option as well as production facility (in production voucher grace wise, column entry facility), size, grace, design and series wise stock maintain. Also provide party, grace and silk wise discount facility in multilevel price list. Zone wise excise MRP facility. DSA for excise unit related (size, grace, design and series wise). It provides sales and purchase VAT report as per account wise and Production wise for producers and manufactures. Miracle-tiles give you a simple, efficient and cost-effective way to gain full control over accounting processes of your organization. Simple and reliable bookkeeping helps to meet the exact needs of business in most cost effective way.

Miracle Tiles

-  Size,grace,desigen and series wise stock maintain
-  Partywise,grace,silk wise and discount wise facility (prise list)
-  Zone wise exicise mrp facility
-  Dsa for excise unit (Size,grace,desigen and series wise)
-  In production voucher gracewise column entry facility
-  Special vat reports(sales and purachase Acct. wise and product wise)

"Where technology means business - Miracle"

Miracle-Textile software is designed specially to fulfill requirements of Brokers, Traders and an Agent of (Textile) Mill. All the reports are customized as per current standard of business.
Miracle textile helps a business manage key functions such as product planning, parts purchasing, maintaining inventories and separate process facility for cutting, milling, embroidery and handwork. And stock statements for different process like partywise row material stock, partywise receipt, finish good stock report, partywise and bill wise stock report. And also provide partywise grey report facility. Miracle-Textile is setup for Textile wholesalers / Dying & Printing Mills with Weaver / Mill wise stock & Job Work management. It provides Accounting up to Balance Sheet as well as TDS and VAT reports required for Textile Traders / Mills.

Miracle Textile

-  Serprate process like Cutting, milling ,embrodery and handwork etc.
-  Partywise grey report facility
-  Stock statement for different process
-  Partywise row material stock
-  Partywise recipt, finish good stock report
-  Party wise bill wise stock summery

"Less Effort, more business"

Miracle-Petro is specialized setup for Petrol Pumps. It provides complete computerization of petrol pump with DIP reading, Pump Meter Reading, Auto Bill generation from reading, Daily status chart summary, Daily cash summary, VAT form 212, VAT form 213 etc… All capabilities of traditional software with easy professional customizable invoices, set reminders & schedule periodic invoices.

Special Features

-  Flexible Tank / Pump / Volume master
-  Dip reading for daily stock verification
-  Pump reading to calculate daily sales
-  Auto generation of cash sales from pump reading figures
-  Date wise status report ( Product / Pump / Tank wise report )
-  VAT Form 212 & Form 213 printing
-  Delivery challan facility for issue to transporters
-  Free format vehicle wise / transport wise outstanding reports
-  Daily cash summary
-  E-Return of Form 212 / 213
-  Volume Master Import from excel
-  Shift wise reading entry

"Solutions for a smart Business"

Miracle-Excise is comprehensive software that lets you gain better control in business operations related to excise. Miracle-Excise is a product with high flexibility that integrates with legacy systems, taking care of all the statutory registers and returns required under the Central Excise Rules. Miracle-Excise has been developed by experts after continuous interaction and consultation with executives from manufacturing and excise sector. The software is designed to reduce overheads, improve efficiency and manage non-core business functions.

Excise Transactions

-  Excise Purchase and Sales entry
-  Free Format Excise Sales Invoice printing under Rule-11
-  CENVAT Adjustment
-  Excise Payment

"Make contact. Build relationships. Get results"

Miracle-Mandi is accounting, billing and inventory software for APMC, market yard, traders and commission agents. It satisfied every need of commission agents and traders. It is useful for Grain Merchants, Traders, and Vegetable & Fruit Merchants & Commission Agents.
Miracle-Mandi software specialized solution for Sabji Mandi, Aadhat, Vegetable, Fruit, Grain & Dry Fruits merchant's with Mahajani accounting.
Miracle-Mandi software is intelligence and integrated solution for Mandi industry.


-  Purchase Weight Invoice entry
-  Auto Purchase Invoice from Weight Slip entry
-  Sales / Purchase Invoice entry
-  Cheque entry and Printing from Purchae Invoice entry
-  Challn Facility & Bill from challan
-  Stock Journel Facility with Shortge / Excess / Processing
-  Weight slip Average reprot (Quality / Party wise)
-  Sales / Purchase Register and Letter
-  Sales / Purchase Monthly / Quarterly Report
-  City / Broker wise Outstanding & Outstanding Letter
-  Declaratin form Report (Pending / Collected) with printing facility
-  Brokerage Report
-  Godown / Location wise stock Report facility
-  Parity Calculation (Cotton, Root, Cotton Seeds)

"Runs faster, Costs less, and never breaks"

Miracle-CS is tailor made special setup for Cold Storage & Ware housing industries. It provides complete computerization with Chamber Chart / Party wise stock. Miracle-CS is specialized setup for cold storage business. It provides complete computerization of cold storage with Receipt, Issue entry with gate pass. Stock transfer entry, Receipt / issue register, Khedut / Party / Location wise report, chamber / floor wise stock report as well as tractor and vehicle wise report. And all financial reports as per business.
Miracle-Cold Storage Software is a windows based application and thus it is highly acceptable among the users and very easy to deploy and manage.

Entry Options

-  Receipt entry
-  Issue Entry ( Gate Pass)
-  Auto Rent Bill (Calculation from issue entry by issue date)
-  Stock Transfer Entry

"Now no more Exercise for Excise"

Miracle-DE software is simpler, faster an affordable software for traders/dealers. Our Excise software has provided maintain a correct and error free excise details. Miracle-DE software is suitable for any kind of traders and dealers it helps user to maintain excise from purchase, excise for sale, Sales payment and receipts of parties and it can also maintain inventory.
And Optimum utilization main powers time -accuracy, point of time and instant reports.

DE Transactions

-  Auto posting from seales
-  Purchase invoice entry in RG 23D register
-  Buyer/Consignee concept in sale/purchase entry
-  CVD,S.H.E. Cess on Excise Duty option
-  Predefined invoice format for single/multiple item detail
-  free fromat Dealer Excise Invoice printing under Rule-11 of Central Excise

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"Change with new techonology"

Busy professionals shouldn't have to wait until they're sitting in front of a computer to check their company account balances, product ledger, receivable and payable. A slew of new Miracle Android Mobile Apps are changing the way people do business, making it easier to handle everyday accounting tasks when they're on the road or working from home.